Arizona Based Civil Engineering and Land Development Services

Civil Engineering, Land Surveying and Construction Management Services

   McDougall Devcon provides professional civil engineering, land surveying and construction management services. Our services embody excellence and innovation for both municipal and private sector.  Projects include; land planning designs, zoning, infrastructure, civil designs, team coordination, and agency compliance for both commercial and residential applications.

  McDougall Devcon uses the latest computer programs and a proprietary database to create reliable reports, construction documents for each project.  We use concise communication help to expedite the approval process.  Our due diligence scope of work helps owner identify and assess potential fees; whether to close or pass on potential projects based on location and local views regarding site selection.  We help owner to manage projects from planning through approval of construction.  A few of the keys to our success include; ethics, maintain schedule, technical expertise and communication.

Our maxim is “Planning for successful projects.”