Planning For Successful Projects

Civil Engineering, Land Surveying and Construction Management Services

   McDougall Devcon provides civil engineering and land surveying services for land development owners and professionals throughout Arizona.  We work on a variety of different types of development projects.  Our diversified experience includes large and small municipal, commercial and residential projects ranging from single custom homes to master planned communities with mixed land uses.

   Services provided vary by project however we can provide complete civil engineering construction documents; zoning changes, feasibility estimates, entitlement research, meetings, infrastructure planning, land surveys, drainage analysis, water system design, sewer system design report, drawing sets, value engineering, cost estimates, construction management, pad certifications and approval certifications as needed.  We utilize the latest computer programs to create drawings and models.  Our relationships with local government officials and professionals help to expedite the approval process.  Our past projects serve as a knowledge resource to draw from.

   McDougall Devcon has the resources to manage your project from start to finish whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial type.  Our experience helps you identify potential civil engineering issues early in the planning process.  We know that the keys to success include; maintaining a schedule, strong key relationships, clear communication skills and follow through to succeed.  

Our motto is “Planning for successful projects.”

 “No task, rightly done is truly private. It is part of the world’s work.”  – Woodrow Wilson