Planning For Successful Projects

Civil Engineering, Land Surveying and Construction Management Services

   At McDougall Devcon our market niche is providing quality civil engineering services at reasonable prices, meeting deadlines and communicating valuable information. We believe that a hands on approach is the best way to serve you. We work with real estate professionals, owner/developers, architects, attorneys and other engineers. We know that businesses in our industry depend on each other for timely success. We are here to help you meet your goals by serving as your civil engineering firm on both commercial and residential projects.

   Our services range from conceptual plans through complete construction documents to meet the requirements of your project. McDougall Devcon specialities include providing; production of construction documents, zoning changes, feasibility estimates, entitlement processes, public meetings, planning, surveys, drainage analysis, water basis of design, sewer basis of design report, construction documents, value engineering, cost estimates, construction management, pad certifications and approval documents.  Complex computer programs are used to model scenarios and create complete construction documents.  Our extensive local relationships with a variety of professionals helps create efficiency.  Our past projects serve as a source of experience from which to draw from.  We know that you want to receive professional opinions, plans documents and reports in a direct and timely manner.


   McDougall Devcon has the resources to manage your project from start to finish; whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial.  Our experience helps you by identifying potential civil engineering related issues early in the planning process.  We know that your key to success includes a friendly positive attitude, strong communication skills with the team and serious work ethic.  

Our motto is “Planning for successful projects.”


No task, rightly done is truly private. It is part of the world’s work.”  – Woodrow Wilson